Friday, April 26, 2013

A Brief Glimpse

No artwork hangs on the wall...

for the same reason there are no curtains up yet.

The early morning view from the screened porch.  (There is a dog noggin in this photo!)
It seems I am emotionally incapable of putting a single hole into the beautiful walls of my new home.  All of the art work I have so looked forward to hanging in the new house sits on the floor where I can benignly appreciate it.  There are no curtains either.  Dan already installed towel racks and shower curtain rods or none of those things would be up.  Eventually, I am going to have to do the deed but not until I am strong enough to endure it!

All these years of planning and dreaming, and I failed to figure for new appliances.  A small oversight.  I am living on microwave food.  (Yum.)  My son generously loaned his little dorm refrigerator but that is not yet in the house and plugged in.  When I opened the door, a strange gelatinous substance oozed out.  There was no noxious odor involved but I am waiting to hear from him as to what material those molecules may have previously formed.  He lives in a house with four other wild young men.  It could be anything.  Still, it was nice and so thoughtful of him to sacrifice his personal beer cooler for me.

Sleeping in the corner beneath the two windows is most pleasant.  The trees will eventually block the view to the east, but I should be able to keep an eye on the southern skies year 'round.  I can also see the little creek from my pillow.  It is not a million dollar view - more like a econo-priced view for the frugal soul.  Still...

I must point out a religious relic enshrined in my bedroom:  an authentic 1970's era lava lamp.  It was solemnly bequeathed to me by a coworker.  He knew that I, of all his friends and acquaintances, would truly appreciate and honor it. He was compelled to find the right home for it.  He said "You know, each lamp has its own personality."  I knew that.  So, sometimes I turn on the lava lamp and allow the strange silent globs fluidly ascending and falling to lull me to sleep.  Across the room, (also leaning against the wall) is my Bob Dylan In Concert poster, but that is not from the '70's.  It is from the concert my daughter financed as a gift to me a couple of years ago.  I must say, that poster goes smashingly well with the lamp.

I know things look rather barren and unfinished still, but that is okay.  I am in no hurry.  I am adding a few things here and there.  Sunday I bought a beautiful philodendron for my office and all of my crystals are unpacked.  I planted two big crocks of annuals for the front porch and so far Jake has not touched them.  (It is a miracle!)  If something does not have the correct energy,  I am not bringing it in the house. 

Now it is raining, blessing the new little home and replenishing Spirit Creek with life-sustaining water.  It is most pleasant, and I am ever so grateful. 


Anonymous said...

Great piece of glass in the door - I'd like to see a photo sometime of that with light through it from either out or inside. It's a nice touch.

Jackie said...

Thanks. It wasn't my first choice, which was no longer available, so the builder surprised me with this one. I like it, too.

Anonymous said...

When you are ready can you come and help me to hang my pictures?