Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flint Hills - Photography - Dylan

Within two miles of my home, accompanied by Bob Dylan's wonderfully ruined voice, I snapped over two hundred photos of my beloved prairie landscape last night.  This is where my spirit belongs.  As a newborn I was brought home to the Big Blue Stem and buffalo wallows.  No where on earth suits me better.

Taken earlier this week in my driveway.  I continue to see snakes searching for the lost Million Mouse Buffet!
True to form, I saw the snakes several days before I saw the first turtle in the road.

Take me home...

Beauty Untended

The Wealth of Water

First Turtle Day

This guy must remember my "helpful" assistance to the other side of the road on other First Turtle Days.  He turned and
high-tailed it back south!
The Proverbial Dickcissel on a Wire

Better than butter, better than gold.

Wild Turkey Strut

Living Sunlight
Going Home


Anonymous said...

I can do without the snakes. The rest are fabulous! Makes me wish I was there seeing it live.

Kathy said...

I am so relieved that the Flint Hills are really hills. When I was headed eastward from Denver to Wichita last summer, I kept wanting to stop because there was nowhere to go that wasn't just flat and no promise of elevation anywhere I could see. Guess next time I'll head up your way. So beautiful. I can see why you love it.

Jackie said...

Kathy - Yes, there are actual hills in Kansas, but they are babies compared to the terrain you are accustomed to! Unfortunately, if you came east on I-70, you traveled through the flat plains where elevations are so gradual. The most beautiful spot of Kansas is a few miles northeast of Wichita on the turnpike - it is all that is left of the millions of acres of Tall Grass prairie on the North American Continent - but it's quickly going too. It grieves me.

AndaRFitz said...


Wow! Your photography is spectacular! Just like a true artist!

All my love always,

~Your Daughter