Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Unicorn Meat and Some Other Stuff

In the grocery store last evening I noticed a "special" on filet mignon for a mere $22.99 per pound.  Wow.  I pointed to the tray and said "That must be unicorn meat."  The unexpectedly handsome butcher smiled and confirmed that yes, yes it was unicorn meat.  (Oh, handsome and a good sense of humor!)  I bought two pounds of hamburger.

My nephew recently wrote a letter to me.  Bless his heart, he is a smart kid with many talents but spelling is not one of them.  He needed to write the word "shih tzu".  Going straight to the point, he wrote "shit shoe" and then asked me how I liked his spelling, which made me laugh.  Of course, I had to google the correct spelling to write about it now.  He inadvertently gave me a new best insult.  I used it last night when I discovered the UPS delivery sitting in my driveway, where it could have been stolen, ravaged by Jake, and rained on!  Shit shoe just naturally rolled off my tongue when I saw the expensive delivery sitting in the dirt, as in :  "What is wrong with that shit shoe just leaving my package sitting in the road?!"  It felt good.

It set me to thinking, pondering the small things in my life that are simple and good.  Every day there are brief, fleeting moments that feel good all the way through.  I apologize for belaboring a point because not everyone worships in the House of Dylan, but his 2012 CD, published at the tender age of 71, is a grand good moment every day.  His old voice is all but gone, but that is beside the point.  It is new music from the Old Man and he still has it.  Whenever I hear something in his music that matches the way I think or feel or understand, it feels good all the way through.  Sometimes in his work an entire concept is expressed in the turn of a phrase, the exact emotion thrumming through the melody.  And behind it all is his biting, bemused humor.  He takes none of it seriously, either.  There is no one else like him and I am thankful he is still making music.  I need something to listen to on the way to work.

As my son often says, "It's all good, Mom."

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