Monday, July 22, 2013

The View Through the Front Window

Wild Turkey Visiting
I never know what I might see through the front windows of my home. This turkey hen spent quite a while leisurely checking out the premises. I recently posted a picture of four young bucks investigating the smouldering ruin of the old house. In both cases, neither of my stalwart and ferocious "hounds" bothered to bark or chase the wildlife away. I guess that is good. If I hear their warning bark, it means there is something I probably need to be genuinely concerned about.

One hot summer day, my neighbor (who is a very nice man) delivered a load of hay but I did not know he was on the place.  I did not even hear his tractor!  I did hear Duke barking a serious warning. When I stepped to the door to investigate, I got a serious shock!

Striding down the driveway was a dark haired man with a tremendous scowl on his dark face. Wearing short leather chaps, like a butcher's apron, he was bare chested. His sinewy arms were covered with sweat and hay dust, and in each gloved hand he was swinging a hay hook. He was walking fast, coming right for me.   I did not recognize him and for just a few terrifying moments I thought I was about to become the victim of a bloody and horrible farm crime. Then I recognized my neighbor and began to breathe. Of course he was scowling - it was hot as hell and he had just stacked about one hundred bales of hay into my barn. He was coming down to my house to get his money. I felt a huge pang of guilt for not recognizing him and for thinking the worst of such a nice neighbor!  But I must say, should Hollywood ever run out of frightening "hack and sack" psycho movies, I have a g-r-e-a-t idea for a new character...

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