Monday, November 11, 2013

I Apologize. My Brother's Lamp Is Not the Ugliest Lamp In the Known Universe

This is bad.
This is worse than "bad".  It is creepy.
This is not creepy or cheesy or bad.  It is pure ugly.
This is sad. 
Ugly and cheesy = Cheegly?
In my humble opinion, this is What The F**k ugly. 
I apologize to both of my dear brothers.  The dungeon lamp is a true work of art compared to the electric blue frog.


Don said...

Good grief...I thought my comments about that first lamp keeping my in bed all night was headed for the archives of comments, but this array is beyond anything I've witnessed roaming in and out of flea markets, estate sales and who knows what else.

Never mind that fugly looking blue frog, does the one right above it have "corn cob" wheels - if so that might be the one to take down to the local watering hole and make some money.

Kathy said...

Wow, these additional lamp photos have really, er, brightened my day. How I wish I had photographed the cowboy lamp. Ah well, I take comfort in knowing nothing in my home is even close to any of these. Amazing.

Jackie said...

Cyberkit sent me a link to an ugly lamp contest. The winner was a rectangular hollow slab of bacon? (I assume it was plastic.) I think I've delved into a nightmare. The subject of Ugly Lamp is a bottomless pit of... well... ugliness.