Sunday, December 8, 2013

Peace and Quiet

A week or so before moving into the new house, I had the satellite television service discontinued. Though the new house is set up for it, I have not restored the service. Due to living "below sea level", I cannot receive any local tv station - even with an antenna on a tower. I keep an eye on threatening weather using the internet. I have not watched network television for years, so I certainly do not miss anything there. If I want to watch a movie, I can rent two or three DVD's for less than $4 at the Red Box outside the grocery store. I read Google and Yahoo news daily, and sometimes I will read the online version of the Topeka Capital Journal. Truly, the only thing on television I sincerely miss is Jon Stewart's daily monologue. Due to my internet provider up-rating my account to the connection speed I have been paying for all these years, I can watch Jon online, too. The only requirement is patience while Jon's 10 minutes of wit and political satire buffers. Who needs a television?

When my son visits, he is uncomfortable with the silence. The lack of background noise is too much for him. He cannot imagine living my silent, solitary life. I was the same when I was his age. There are many things I miss about being young, but the constant need for people and drama is not among them.

The last time my son was here, he asked in exasperation, "What do you DO out here?!"

"I enjoy my life in peace and quiet!"

He is not old enough to know what that means.

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Don said...

Personally I relish a dose of silence, especially in the morning, much less the late evening. Too much chatter can drive me nuts. I soon learned after retiring to definitely leave the television in off-mode first thing in the morning, a distraction that can hinder the gathering of your thoughts and in fact it will force the day to go better. After all it doesn't take a lot to entertain me - I could spend hours on end watching birds outside my window or sit down and read a good book without the interference of a squawking TV speaker.

I find it refreshing, that one can be almost anywhere in the Flint Hills, day or night, in all Seasons and enjoy an environment of natural sounds enveloped in quietness.

On the other hand, I've known those that can't seem to get motivated without that damn TV running.