Thursday, February 6, 2014

An Old Fashioned Snowfall

Tuesday:  Just Gettin' Cranked Up!

The birds stayed out all day.
The joint was hoppin'!  Two American Goldfinch at the nyger seeds.

You can see how hard the wind was blowing by the angle of the feeder.

Iced Tea Anyone?

No Sleeping Here Until Spring

Outside:  Winter.  Inside: Home.

Tuesday Night - the drift on the front porch.

An amazing amount of snow...

The door would only open 18"!

And at the back - packed tightly against the door.

This is the huge drift beyond the drift in the doorway (which you can just see in the lower right hand corner).

Jake's tail below the second snow bank!

I was a child the last time I saw this much snow!
And on the third day:  A man and his machine!  Womankind cannot thank you enough, this woman in particular!


Anonymous said...

Woow!That's what we call snow! How are the Dutch chickens coping? Job

Jackie said...

The little black hens are doing just fine! The smallest one seems to not be growing any larger, though. Whenever I pick her up, I can feel her breastbone, even through my gloves. She eats and drinks like the others but something isn't quite right with her. But the other two are actually putting on weight and rounding out. They are kind to the smallest hen. The Seabrite is equally mean to everyone! lol