Saturday, March 15, 2014

So Long, Little Buckaroo

Now I bid farewell to my good friend Cyberkit. March 3, 2014 he peacefully let go this world, escaping overwhelming physical suffering to embrace the beckoning mysteries with his usual confidence and good humor. Oh, my world is suddenly much smaller. I will greatly miss his good mind, his humor, his love and support, his friendship.

I met Kit when he came to Patti's Lodge in the late 1990's. His doctor's had given him sixty days to get his affairs in order because their medicines and procedures could not save him from cancer. He came to Patti for one final bid at life.

We became better acquainted each time we met at Patti's house for Lodge, but it was the miracle of email that sealed our friendship. We lived 8 hours apart by land travel, making regular visits a hardship. We found, to our mutual delight, that we had deeply compatible minds. And perhaps a bit like Helen Hanff and Frank Doel, we forged a wonderful friendship almost entirely through the written word - without the intellect and genteel decorum of Helen and Frank, of course. (Our coarse humor would have mortified the properly British Mr. Doel!)

After Patti died, Kit and I were left to console one another, facing our respective lives without her. We each needed the another, even though it was all through email. I often ended my letters to him with "Be brave, little Buckaroo", which became a silly thing to say after he became ill again. Anyone suffering with emphysema is the epitome of courage. It is a long, slow descent into physical hell with no hope. He was brave, and smart, and wickedly funny, and my good friend. He blessed my life. Now he is blessing another reality with his wit and constant love. Farewell, my dear friend. Farewell.

Pama mine, Nekan.


Kathy said...

Oh no. Jackie I am so sad to hear this. Of course I never met Cyberkit, but I always looked forward to reading his comments here. I wonder if you can hook up some next level of cybercommunication -- cybercosmic? now that he is existing on a more rarefied plane? Seriously. Oh, what a loss. I am so sorry.

Jackie said...

If Kit can figure out a way to communicate from the other side, he'll do it! We had a deal. Whoever went first was to send word back... so I'm waiting.

I will always dearly miss him, but the fact that he has at last escaped that ruined and suffering body is cause for celebration.

I know Patti was waiting for him - in some form or another- and they'll both be waiting when it's my time. It will be a grand reunion.