Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Toadally Awesome

Why the sad face, Mr. Toad?

It could be the beginning of a biblical plague. Every morning for the last couple of weeks, I have emptied Duke's water tub because there has been a toad enjoying the deep water. (No one should have to drink toad water!) I thought it was the same toad until this morning when I spotted two others almost invisible in the dirt at the edge of the house. They were either waiting their turn for the facilities or they were waiting for the guy (gal) in the tub.

I enjoy seeing the cute little guys. Maybe they are the grown babies who lived under the porch last season. I found a fourth toad in the driveway. He had apparently met his tragic fate beneath the wheels of the Ford. A moment of silence, please.

. . .

Tiny frogs also live close to house. They are so small that I do not see them until they spring into the air. They pop up about a foot, careening recklessly through the air to crash land wherever. They have little control over their direction or landing. I do not know if they are the tree frogs that sing at night, if they are full grown, or fresh out of the tadpole stage. I do not know what species they are. What I do know is if the environment here is clean enough for frogs to live, then that is a wonderful sign.

He lives under Jake's food dish.


Don said...

I came across what I was to learn later was a "Texas Horned Lizard" in the gravel up and far end of Jaketown Road several years ago. Originally I thought it was toad and it looked so much like the stones and gravel that I lost track before I could take a photo. I guess they're also known as Horned Toads and are prevalent across Southern KS and the Flinthills. You got any of those around Spirit Creek ?

Jackie said...

When I lived at the other end of the Flint Hills, we often caught the little spikey creatures. I have never seen a horned toad in Wabaunsee County - yet!