Monday, June 15, 2015

The Rain and the Beauty it Brings

Even the hilltops are soggy!

Rain in Pottawatomie County

Nothing feeds my spirit as much as the living Kansas sky.

I have not seen a single Monarch butterfly yet this year.

Just a taste of the magic.

Good night, Kansas.

Front yard - steamy, like the jungle!

Abundant prairie.


Don said...

I thought I spotted one lone Monarch about a week ago in the area of my butterfly garden, but it appearance was short and way too fast for me to retrieve my camera. I receive the Monarch Watch bulletins and list and it is appearing the Monarch's are in trouble about like the honey bees this year, but time will tell. Part of the problem appears to be the shortage nationwide of milkweed, although I never seen a shortage in the Flint Hills.

Jackie said...

All over the rest of the midwest, and in the Flint Hills, too, they are spraying the ditches, killing the milkweed. In addition to destroying their food source and nursery, the area where the Monarchs winter is under assault. It was never a very large area to begin with but even that little bit of the earth is not important enough to keep human hands off. It is madness to continue to destroy other species. They were all here long before humans. They can live perfectly well without us, but we can't live without them.