Thursday, April 21, 2016


A few years ago this pond completely dried up during the cruel extended drought. It was dredged so that it would again hold water once it rained. I do not know if it has been restocked with fish. There have been ducks visiting overnight and a few Canadian geese this year. I think they were merely resting in the safety of the water - not eating. Geese are herbivores, but not ducks, so not sure what the ducks could eat.

I hope the heron (or a heron) eventually returns to this pond because his solitary silhouette in the beautiful evening light always stirred something in my spirit. I think there will have to be some food source available before a heron would stay. Fish and frogs and maybe a few baby turtles would be the entire menu. And snakes! How could I forget snakes?!

Just the same, stopping for a brief moment in the evening to appreciate the view, even without the heron, is exceedingly nice.

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Don said...

Yes, I remember now that that pond was full of water years ago and it seems to me that I photographed a heron or two on several occasions as I past by. Late last Summer I drove by and thought something didn't look right, but didn't give it a lot of thought until you displayed this photo. I'll look forward to that getting seasoned and hopefully attracting a heron or two.