Friday, December 26, 2008

Formerly Known as Tiny Elvis

This is Elvis, the Porcelain D'Uccle rooster I raised from a peep. When he was an adolescent, he was so goofy looking with his silly top knot comb. He zipped around in the pen with a certain attitude, like a little punk rocker. That comb reminded me of the famous Elvis hair style from the 1950's. Because I knew he would be handsome when he grew up, I named him Tiny Elvis.

Almost fully mature, his iridescent feathers befit a king. He is now simply "Elvis".

Elvis is the most vocal of all the roosters, and he crows at all hours of the day and night. He is practicing to woo the laaaaaaadies! In his mind, he is a hunk of burning love.

As I suspected, Elvis is even more fearless than Big Man, the smallest but most dominate rooster. Unfortunately for me, my work coat is red and all four roosters try to attack me when I am wearing it. I have to chase them around and throw the plastic feed cup at them at least once a week. This does not hurt them, but they act as if they have been attacked by the most horrifying predator known to all of chickendom. Well...they ARE being attacked by the worst of all predators known to chickendom. Even if they can not recall that I have handled them gently and lovingly, fed and watered them every single day of their lives, they are not so dumb after all.

See Elvis as a goofy adolescent here:


Little Temple said...

I'm also from the flint hills and I'm glad to know that someone else s interested in porcelain d'Uccles. I have a sweet little Porcelain named Sophie (she is my pride and joy) and a Millie named Lilly. I was looking into a nice rooster so i could start breeding, would you happen to know one?

Jackie said...

Little Temple - so glad to know there are other D'Uccle fans! Sadly, I have to report the Evil Rooster, who really wasn't evil, met his demise this summer. I was very sad. Last year I had many D'Uccle roosters and would gladly have given you as many as you like!! I have one D'Uccle baby now that may be a Evil's son. I will look closely tonight and post here later.