Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do I Have Enough Time for Everything?

I sincerely hope it is true that we reincarnate. I hope we have more than one life on this fair earth because I have to admit I have wasted 98% of my life so far.

First of all - SCHOOL! Was that the biggest waste of time, or what? Once we have learned to read and count money, we should graduate. All I remember from school is fighting to stay awake as class dragged on and on and on, punctuated by one boy or another getting in trouble when he snapped under the strain.

SoDuKo puzzles! Hiiiiiisssssssssss! The first one I ever worked took me about five hours over two days. I misunderstood that each of the nine squares of nine squares should be solved in addition to the lines of nine. Rather than solving for each subsquare, I solved only for the lines of nine. I almost killed myself but I finally solved it and wondered why anyone would think that was fun.

Not reading instructions.

Television commercials, especially all those selling remedies for erectile dysfunction. Are there truly millions of men with that particular problem? Really? With the vast oceans of porn on the internet, I would never have guessed.

Deleting porn spam. Why must I deal with porn spam? My ISP recently changed their email software so now I actually see all the spam titles. It is a small local phone company that provides my internet service so I genuinely hope none of the employees think I ever visited a farm animal porn site.

All righty, then.

During the commute to work, I have spent miles of time trying to decide what my favorite song of all time might be. Does anyone else in the world think about stupid stuff like that? I go though them all. Most beautiful song. Best shower singability. Happiest memory. Best rock, or Blues, or fiddle music, love, tragedy or existential angst. It is impossible to commit to only one.

If you want to waste a few moments today, visit these two links to listen to Movits. You can not understand a word they are saying but it does not matter. I had to pay over $30 for their CD. It came all the way from Sweden and took eight weeks. It was worth it.

I live for a glimpse of the blond singer!

I'm moving to Sweden!

More time for fun stuff like this. That is what we need.

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