Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Drumming That Circles the Planet

My daughter and I stayed home last night for our participation in Ten Billion Beats. We began one minute after 7, in deference to Brent and the others at ground zero who were the beginning. I am looking forward to hearing from Brent after this weekend to find out how it went. They are remaining on the hill until tonight when the wave comes back around so they can close the drumming.

I have already received emails from two people in different states who attended large drummings last night. At one place, the people were dancing with children waving colored scarves. How appropriate for the children to be dancing!

Even before the event kicked off last night, Brent et al announced this is happening again next year. It would never have been possible without the world wide internet. It is a sign of the rising consciousness. I am humbled.

I wanted to participate from my own home so I could invite any of the nature energies to participate, if they wished. About 15 minutes into the drumming, the chickens began a raucous round of crowing and clucking and carrying on that lasted for quite a while. My daughter and I were grinning at one another like idiots over those chickens, who had already gone to roost, I might add!

After the chickens stopped, coyotes began a chorus that lasted for quite some time. The coyotes were just across the road to the north. By the end of the hour, we were hearing something in the west but could not tell exactly what it was until after we had stopped drumming. Every cow and steer in all the pastures west of us were lowing. It sounded as if they were being trail driven, but no one was out working their cattle last night anywhere. Apparently, this world wide drumming has stirred up an enormous amount of energy.

I built a fire so we could sit by it to drum. I purposely placed the fire so the next time it rains, the ashes will wash into the creek, and carry that energy into the water as well.

There is no way to tell how many human beings will have been focused on peace by the time this drumming makes its way around the entire planet in 24 hours. Thousands at least, tens of thousands maybe. This is a seed, a genesis of consciousness. No one can imagine the presence of a mature oak tree by simply observing the acorn - if I might use that old metaphor. None of us can imagine what could possibly take root and grow from the seed of ten billion beats.

Namaste - The light in me honors the light in you.

Post script: Ken, your drums were singing like big pow wow drums last night! My old friend, I wonder how many of your drums are participating in this event all around the world? I have always said you were going world wide!


John said...

Jackie -
Thank you. You were right in what you said about your blogs. I will read more. Thanks for the link.


Jackie said...

Hey, John.... don't let the "woo-woo" stuff stop you from looking around the rest of the site. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.