Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sad Turn of Events at the Farm

The scene of the crime.... feathers and egg shells.

This has not been a good spring for my little hens. One by one they have been killed. Three of the little white hens had hidden their nests and were setting on them. I did look for them, but I was not willing to wade around in the waist deep weeds after dark, or before dark, to find them. I was hoping I could simply catch them in the morning when they came in to eat. Easier said than done!

Two were cruelly murdered as they patiently sat on their eggs in the dark. The eggs and the body of at least one of them were brought to this space in the driveway for a leisurely meal away from the weeds. Duke is getting too old to keep the critters away all night. He has commenced his well-earned retirement asleep on the big pillow on the back porch. I only found one body, and it was one of the Weird Sisters, her head gone and her fat little body half eaten.

The forth hen, Baby Sister, was attacked and blinded but survived. I had to take her to Dr. J to have her put down. The remainder of my flock is so traumatized that all of them are trying to roost either on the front porch or the back porch now. Some of them I can catch and throw into the coop, but Evil Roo and a Weird Sister are too crafty for me to catch, even after dark.

I am going to miss those little hens.

On a happier note, Tenzing Norgay has decided that Junior is a suitable husband. He is even allowed to perch with her at night in her secret boudoir. She preferred Evil Roo as a companion when he was young, but even he was never allowed to perch with her on the back porch! Notice in this photo that Junior has placed his body between the door and Tenzing. Though he does the stupid Cochin rooster dance after the manner of his mother's breed, he has the courtly manners of his father, the Evil Roo.


Li'l Ned said...

Oh nooooooo! As a new chicken 'owner' I feel an affection for my girls that has surprised me. I would be grief-stricken if any of them got eaten in this way. My condolences on your tragedy.

Anonymous said...

We're all going to miss them. I don't know why I'm going to miss the weird sister more than the others, but I am.

Thank you for sharing Spirit Creek with us.

Jackie said...

I know - it's surprising how much you care about those chickens! They lived a happy life here, short though it was. That's my condolence, I guess.

And Kit, the Weird Sister was one of a set. They were such elegant little birds, smart and beautiful. Though, if you take a look at the little D'Uccle hen's faces through the door, they are cute little chickens, too.

I kind of miss them.... a lot.

Anonymous said...

I know, but it saddens me to see the set broken up. Maybe that's why she seems to leave a bigger hole.