Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If Only I Had Said....

When I look back over my small, boring life, some events were intersections, forks in the road. With the cruel clarity of hindsight, (which I once earnestly asserted aloud in a staff meeting was 50:50), the wrong turns, large and small, map my life to where I am today.

If only I had said:

"N0 thanks," instead of "I do." Twice.

"Thank you, Officer," instead of "F**k you."

"Are you crazy?" instead of "Take my car."

"Don't have room," instead of "Stay with me."

"No," instead of "Pay me on Tuesday."

And all those countless times I should have instead said nothing, nothing at all.


Anonymous said...

It's only fair that you also take stock of the times you said the right things. "I love you," for instance.

And I do.

Jenny Green said...

and yes, we were crazy... LOL