Monday, October 14, 2013

Around the Farm...

Looking south-southwest from house - wildcat emerged from lower left hand and crossed to the right
West-Northwest from front door

North from front door
Northeast from back of house
Standing east side of barn, looking north toward front gate.
East side of barn, looking southeast


Anonymous said...

Interesting landscape and beautiful home!

Anonymous said...

Great set of photos which enhances your prior descriptions of your "ponderosa" in the hills.

My daughter who resides in a plateu area above Seattle often times witnesses a bob cat in her backyard. She texted me the earlier this week that the predator had snagged a bunny rabbit out of the backyard and headed for the woods. This same bob cat is suspected of having snatched one of her two cats that were adopted as pair from the Seattle shelter several years ago.

I told her I thought this cat needed to find a new hunting ground and she replied, "It sure is pretty in color".

Jackie said...

Sorry about your daughter's missing cat. That's the trouble with wildlife, when it helps itself to our domestic animals. I know fox eat domestic cats, too. People in town see them snatching cats right off the streets. Though I grew up with the zero tolerance mindset against all predators, real and imagined, I prefer to share what's left of the landscape with the native fauna. Not sure how I would feel about a cougar in the neighborhood, though...

Kathy said...

So sweet to see these photos! What a lovely place to call home.

I'm mixed on native fauna, partly because I eat from my garden and don't want raccoons grabbing my egg-laying friends, or the local coyotes eating my kitties. One bear and one cougar in the 'hood (within 2 blocks) over the last 20 years isn't too scary.

Now if the &^%%$ neighbors up the street would quit feeding the *&&^%% bambis, this would be suburban gardening and living paradise. My tolerance is limited, I guess, by my 'farmer' status.

I do try to salute them all, out in the wild woods, where they belong. Heck, we humans have to live somewhere?