Saturday, October 12, 2013

Farrier Day Marred by Large Insects

It was farrier day at the farm. All horse persons were called to the barn and haltered, sprayed for flies, given bits of hay, brushed and curry combed. Cockleburrs were pulled from forelocks and Ginger put in the round pen alone so Wally and I could interact in peace.

At one point during the day's proceedings, standing with the halter rope in my hand, I looked down to notice a very large caterpillar at my feet. He was not of the furry kind. He was a very handsome brown, green and gold, and he was in imminent danger of being trampled by horse hooves or florescent orange sneakers! I looked for a twig or a sturdy stem in the immediate area so I could move him. I was not going to interrupt the process of trimming hooves for a mere caterpillar, so I took a deep breath and PICKED IT UP IN MY BARE FINGERS. I tossed him as gently as possible into the taller plants along the fence. It was not the worst experience with an insect I have ever had, but bare human skin and bare caterpillar skin were never intended to meet in my personal universe.

After I had moved the caterpillar, I noticed a very, very large wolf spider that had to have been within one or two inches of where my hand had just been. She had what I assumed was a bright blue egg sack stuck to her rear, and I wondered if I had just scooped away the intended nursery, or maybe the big fat juicy meal she intended for her dear one hundred thousand babies. Though I hoped she did not get stepped on by womankind or horsekind, I did not scoop her up to toss to safety. She and her egg sack were on their own, unfortunately.

Later in the morning I was going to overturn the water tank so it could be refilled. Somehow I failed to notice a very large spider web across the little gate opening and walked right into it. It was such a strong web that I heard the tiniest, faintest snap as I walked through. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the swinging collapsing trajectory of the huge black spider riding its web downward RIGHT ONTO MY BACK. I felt her hit my back with the weight of perhaps a penny dropping against my shirt. Yes, I screamed.

I heard a tiny spider scream, too.

This tiny woman can and does "kick Ginger's ass"!  lol

Ginger Ruler of All Except Terrie

Wally, Not Using Me As a Rubbing Post for a Change

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