Sunday, January 26, 2014

Girl Scout Camp Security Breached by Dangerous Old Woman

Saturday morning, 9:15 am, Shawnee County, Kansas - An old lady in a dusty SUV pulls into a wide, empty parking lot of the Girl Scout camp. The gates were wide open, and it was not marked against trespassing. She needed to wait for a few minutes until it was time to arrive for an appointment just down the road. (Amazingly, she was actually early!)

Sitting quietly in her car, with the engine running, the old lady was enjoying the pleasant warmth of the early morning sun and the fresh air. After a few moments, a man in a huge 4-wheel truck came wheeling into the parking lot, pulling his truck next to the dangerous old lady's car. He was not smiling, not happy, and definitely not a Girl Scout.

The old lady spoke first. "Hi. I'm not doing anything, you know. Just waiting here."

The man drove his truck too close to the old woman's car in an act of attempted intimidation. She was not intimidated but she was not happy then, either. Clearly, she was not doing anything illegal, not destroying any property, not a threat to anyone or anything. She was sitting in her car in the empty parking lot at the top of the hill in full view of the road.

"I was just seeing if something was wrong," the suspicious and unhappy young man (lied) said.

"No. I have an appointment down the road in a few minutes, so I pulled off the road to wait. Thank you."

He backed up his big truck up and headed down the hill from whence he came, only to slam on the brakes. Another truck had driven in, with three men in it, who were friendly and waved at the dangerous old lady as they passed by going down the hill. They did not appear to be Girl Scouts either.

Sooooooo.... apparently it is alright for a group of men to use the Girl Scout camp for who-knows-what purpose, but not alright for an old lady to sit in the parking lot for a few moments, with the engine running and the window down.

That is what happens when you live in redneck country. You have to deal with rednecks.  The old woman, at least, was once a genuine Girl Scout.  Chances are, none of the men were.

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