Sunday, January 26, 2014

Media Blitz on Snokomo Road!

The day dawned warm and bright. No ice had to be chopped or cracked or dumped out of tanks or pans for any of the animals because it had melted in the night. The wind was gentle all day. It was a clear, glowing blue-sky day. I turned off the furnace then opened the windows and doors. It was chilly but the fresh air was intoxicating.

I almost missed sunset. I happened to look out at dusk to see the tops of the hills ablaze with the red sunset. I grabbed the camera and tore out of the driveway in my car, hoping to get some spectacular photos. I was lucky to capture a few without wires or fences but I missed a rainbow forming behind the hills north of the house. Then, when I dashed up to Snokomo Road, another photographer had already claimed my favorite spot to photograph the sunsets. It was a media blitz, a glut of cameras! The competition was fierce!

When I returned to my house, it was already dark in my little valley. I closed the house just in time to miss the roaring winds that hit at dark, gusting about 45 miles an hour. Crazy weather.

To the North at Sunset

It's as if the air is on fire above a certain elevation.

West from the house, but looking north.

Another photographer claimed the best spot to photograph the sunset across a valley.  

The End

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