Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Are You Dreaming Or Are You Driving to Work?

But, soft!  What light through yonder window breaks?

Oh, it is East, and ... it's a giant cow?!


Laughing now - look at the size of that udder!

I am taking bad photos at 65 mph - like everyone else!

I passed, but a mile later, the cow blew past me in a big hurry, only to hit the brakes.

Travel safely, ol' Bossy (name of countless family milk cows).

My exit.  I had to turn off and go to work.  I could not follow the giant cow to her destination, darn it.
Notice in photos 2 and 3, the red and black cars are too far left because they are taking photos with their phones. I happened to have my digital camera with me. I pointed and clicked, hoping for the best. I knew I would tell people about this, but truly, 8 photos are worth eight thousand words.

I miss my good friend Cyberkit. He would have been delighted with this minor absurdity. He would have posted several puns. Try as I might, I can think of none...

I found the Turkey Hill Giant Cow web site: Giant Cows.  She is 13 feet and weighs two tons. She has three sisters, and you can win a visit from one for your birthday! They apparently hail from the Pennsylvania area. I read on their web page that whenever the giant cow travels past a pasture containing cows, they invariably follow along. They must think it is the Supreme Cow arrived at last to lead them to the Promised Pasture.

Post script:  I woke up this morning with a message from Cyberkit:  "She's on the moooooove!"
And from my nephew:  "That's a mooving violation!"


Kathy said...

Love the giant cow, love the 'realistic' veining on the giant udder, love the vision of mere mortal cows, following along the Great Cow when it passes by. Sigh. If only I lived in Kansas.

Jackie said...

I know! People are soooooo jealous of Kansans. It's a shame that you don't live here, too, Kathy. Only "speshul" people get to live here...

Don said...

I knew there was something about "Spirit Creek" that caught my attention some time back, but now I am realizing the author and photographer know how to work a "photo op"....I've come across similar happenings and got so excited in trying to convince myself that I was really seeing what I was seeing that I forgot to pick up the damn camera and take a shot. Good job Jackie !!

Jackie said...

Not sure how smart it was to wrangle a camera at 65 mph, but all's well that ends well! It was just something out of the ordinary that put a big smile on my face on the commute. How often do any of us see a 4000 lb cow?!